Be amazed
& moved
by learning!

Teaching children to both think and learn on their own. Using original educational materials to make robots, drawing out their unique personalities and pushing their creativity.They will also gain “scientific knowledge” naturally.

There is loads to learn for kids
by getting lost in the making of robots

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5 benefits

We nurture your child’s “social emotional learning”



social awareness

relationship skill

responsible decision-

relationship skill

responsible decision-



Basic Production

Challenging build a new robot every time.Feel the fun of learning through basic fabrication (90 minutes).By completing the project, students will gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence.


Applied Practice

Modifying the robot student made into an original.Challenge to modify and evolve the original robot.The ability to solve problems and change ideas will be developed.
Our course structure
that children can continue to enjoy

Because it is fun, we get absorbed in it, and even if we run into a wall, we can overcome it spontaneously.
The curriculum embodies the ingenuity that creates ideal cycle. The course is designed to fulfill your child's development for up to 8 years.

1st grade

1st grade

1st grade

With very simple, step-by-step textbook

1st-3rd grade



With simple textbooks using life-sized images

3rd-6th grade



With textbook

4th-8th grade



With tablet programming

6th-9th grade



With tablet programming, robots are built based on design drawing

Robot List by Course

Teaching children to both think and learn on their own.
Using own hands and heads to give form to their ideas.


PRIMARY course & BASIC course

“Start from here”


MIDDLE course & ADVANCE course

“After complete
BASIC course”

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Our Advisor

Dr. Tomotaka TAKAHASHI

  • Robot creatorProject Associate
  • Professor of The University of Tokyo
  • Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology

Upon graduating from Kyoto University's Undergraduate School of Engineering Science, he established Robo Garage which would be come Kyoto University's first venture.
As a robot creator, he invests his time in researching, planning, designing and creating robots.
His representative works include creations such as the robotic phone "RoBoHoN"and the robot astronaut "KIROBO," the world's first conversational robot (Co-developed with Toyota Motor and Dentsu).

I am currently creating robots which will be used to teach in the “Robot School.” I was actually really into robots when I was a kid, putting together parts such as blocks I found at shops and gear boxes. For example when I created a robot that would move around on wheels and unleash punches, the thrill that I got then when it moved just how I imagined is the same even now. In the Robot School, students will get the chance to use original blocks to create their own robots. Blocks make it easy to go through the process of trial and error, enabling students to come up with their own original ideas through thinking as they work with the blocks. I want to give many children the chance to experience for themselves the joy coming up with something, occasionally failing, considering cause of the problem, rebuilding and gradually completing their robot.

I believe that education should be something where just as if you’re playing, you get lost in the fun but before you realize it you’ve actually learned something. That is the key to learning efficiently, deeply and for a long time. The curriculum for the Robot School has been developed with the goal of making it easy for any student to challenge themselves and have fun while learning. In the Robot School, you can meet children who come up with robots that adults would never think of. Every year at the “Human Academy Robot School International Tournament,” children selected from throughout Japan as well as overseas gather together and bring along with them the robots they’ve worked hard to build. I’ve been incredibly impressed by the ideas and the level of competition of robots such as those who balance themselves while walking on their own two legs and robots which actually transform.

I feel a great sense of joy as a robot creator that we are able to discover the wonderful talent of these children and help them grow through the Robot School. Together with those children who will be responsible for the next generation, it is my dream to make a future living with robots a reality starting now.

About Us

For children's bright future

For the end of 2022, we started robotics classes in San Diego. With the elp of kind elementary schools and school districts, we were able to teach robotics to many talented children over the course of six months. Now we Human Academy America, Inc., a brand new California Corporation as of the as of the summer of 2023 will begin our our journey as a “Robot School” in the world.

Children will be able to learn how to overcome challenges while having fun by learning technology, a part of STEAM education through the creation of robots. In Japan, the company operates the largest robotics school with over 25,000 students in 1,600 schools. In San Diego, we offer classes in over 20 schools and 6 school districts. Many of our graduates hove gone on to study robotics at university as a result of our robotics classes. We will use our experience to support your child’s bright future.

President / CEO
Rina Motoki